In this tutorial, we will learn how to model a curved beam between two points

Step 1

Open the 'LearningOrion' tutorial we have used for this series up to this point. In this tutorial, we will create a curved beam between Point (1, A) and (3, A).

Step 2

Click the beam sign in the menu toolbar at the top of the screen. After the 'Beam Properties' dialog box appears, Hold the 'Shift' button on the keyboard, then click on Point (1, A), and without releasing the mouse, click on point (3, A).

Step 3

A 'Beam Insertion and Offset Options' dialog box appears. Among the options under 'Curved Beam Insertion', Choose 'Chord Offset(h)' and use 2000mm (this is the distance of the center of the curve from the chord as shown in the diagram in the dialog box.) Make sure that 'Tangent Segments (External)' is selected, and under it, use '12' as 'Number of Segments'. The more the number of segments, the smoother the curve of the beam. Click 'OK' to display the curved beam as shown below.

NB: For a curve in the other direction, use a 'Chord Offset' of -2000mm.

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