Illustration of foundation as done in Oron 18
In this tutorial, we will be learning how to model and design foundations in Orion 18. With Orion 18, both the modelling and design of the foundation occur at the same time. This is because the software considers the load from the column above, then sizes the column and places reinforcement. We will also learn to display the calculation carried out for the design and print the design report.

Step 1

Double click the ‘Storey:St00’ in the structure tree view on the left of the screen. In Orion, ‘Storey:St00’ is the storey for foundations.

Step 2

While still in ‘Storey:St00’, Hold ‘ctrl’ on the keyboard and select all the columns, one after the other. After highlighting them, right click, then select ‘Insert Pad Base

Step 3

In the ‘Pad Base Options’ dialog box that appears, tick ‘Create Square Footings’ only, then Click ‘OK’. The columns are created one after the other for all the columns.

Step 4

To see the calculation for any footing, left click, then right click on the footing, then select ‘Properties’ among the options. Displayed in the ‘Pad Base Properties – Project: Learning Orion’ dialog box, under ‘Footing Data’ are the parameters used for the design sand the design results. Click ‘Calculate’ to see the dialog box shown below. To exit the view, click ‘OK

Pad base dialog box in Orion 18 showing the stresses, punching check, forces and moments acting on the base. Also showing the design reinforcement for the base

Step 5

To print the design report, Click ‘Print’ in the ‘Pad Base Properties – Project: Learning Orion’ dialog box. Select ‘Print only Critical Combination’ among the options. The report shows in the Report Print Preview and can be printed or saved in PDF. To save in PDF, click ‘PDF’ among the tabs at the top of the screen. For excel, click ‘TDF’.
Pad Base Properties Dialog Box for printing design report

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