Autodesk launches Forge platform for product development

Autodesk have announced a new $100 million project which they are calling the "Forge Initiative". Forge, a cloud-based platform is meant to encourage 3D developers in creating what, according to the company, is "a connected ecosystem for product development". It will involve integrating all the processes involved in product development from design, through to creation and use of products.

This money will be invested, via the Forge Fund, in 3D developers and companies willing to build services or solutions on or connected to the Forge Platform.

Under Forge, "Software developers outside the company will be able to access the Autodesk's visualization technology and take advantage of Internet of Things capabilities Autodesk got with its acquisition of SeeControl", Scott Reese, Autodesk VP of cloud platforms, told Fortune.

The platform will also offer open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for developers to access projects and files as well as increase collaboration. By opening the platform to developers, the already diversified company is going into the "Platform as a Service" business.

The company is also involving partner companies in the project to create intuitive services for manufacturers through the cloud. BriteHubsProtoLabsFATHOM100kGaragesMakeTime and HWTrek have agreed to be partners.

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