We are going to carry out the structural design for our completely modelled Orion 18. This is the first post for the second part (Analysis) of this tutorial series.

In this lesson, we will specify the properties of the materials to be used for design (steel grade, concrete grade and bar size) and set loading combinations for the structure.

Now let’s begin:

Step 1

Click ‘Run’, then ‘Building Analysis’ in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The ‘Pre-Analysis’ tab is opened by default in the ‘Building Analysis’ dialog box.

Step 2

Click on ‘Loading Combinations’. For this tutorial, we need only the first loading combination on the list (G + QoF) which has the coefficients of 1.4 (for dead load, G) and 1.6 (for live load, Q). For this reason, we have to delete the rest of the loading combinations. We will do this by selecting those loading conditions, one after the other and click ‘Delete’ until only G + QoF remains as shown below. Click ‘OK

Load Combination Editor

Step 3

Next, we will specify the material properties to be used for the design in the ‘Pre-Analysis’ tab and make the changes as specified below:

  1. Change all concrete grades to C28/35 for all structural members. 
  2. Change all steel grades to ‘Grade 460 (Type 2)’ except links and slabs

To make the above changes quickly, Tick ‘Apply to all members’ after opening the first dialog box for concrete grade or steel grade. For links and slabs, choose ‘Grade 250 (Plain)

Concrete grade Dialog Box

 Click ‘Dia’ next to each of the following structural members and make the following changes:
  • Choose T16, T20, T25, T32 and T40 for column bar diameters.
  • Choose only T12 for wall diameter, longitudinal web steel and horizontal web steel.
  • Choose T16, T20, T25, T32 and T40 for beam bar diameters.
  • For slabs, select only R12. 
  • Select T16, T20, T25, T32 and T40 for foundations.
  • Select R8 and R10 only for links.
  • Change ‘unit weight of concrete to 24.
Click ‘OK

Step 4

Now we will carry out the Structural Analysis. But before that, we will ensure that the building model has no errors. To do this, Click ‘Building Model Check’ to check for modelling errors. Click ‘Cancel’.

Before the building analysis, make sure that ‘Building Analysis’ and ‘Show Axial Load Comparison Warnings’ are selected. Then click ‘Start’ to carry out the building analysis. Click ‘OK’ at the end of the analysis.

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