Tech Soft 3D enables publishing of more 3D file formats with HOOPS Publish 2017

Interactive 3D PDF file
Interactive 3D PDF file
Tech Soft 3D, the US company making developer tools for 3D design software makers for the manufacturing and construction sectors, amongst others, has updated its tool which enables software to publish 3D files, HOOPS Publish.

With file formats containing 3D data, for example 3D PDF, becoming more common as a means of sharing data amongst engineering design teams, HOOPS Publish enables engineering software applications to produce output files in formats such as HTML, 3D PDF, STEP AP 242 and JT 9.5, which are usable across the entire product lifecycle.

Interactive 3D PDF file
Interactive 3D PDF file

With HOOPS Publish, software development teams are able to output data in the various listed formats from their applications.

These 3D PDF files and file formats may also be published with 3D Engineering graphics, tables, lists, buttons drawings and more.

New features in the 2017 version include;

  1. Publish PDF, HTML 5, STEP AP 242, JT 9.5, IGES, PRC, STL, VRML and 3MF formats
  2. New HTML export feature includes built-in controls for users to navigate, review and interrogate models in a web browser – with no need for a proprietary viewer or CAD system.
  3. Create relationships between elements in the PDF without the need for JavaScript. 
  4. In addition to importing your application data via a straightforward API, developers may also choose to load data in any one of the following formats:

  • IGES, STEP, SAT, XT and IFC (new formats for 2017)
  • PRC, U3D and VRML (formats previously supported; also included in 2017.)

About 3D PDF
3D PDF is a file format which allows for viewing of shapes and objects in a 3-dimensional manner, unlike typical 2D PDFs typically used for text. With 3D PDF, users can rotate objects, zoom in and out as well as carry out other operations typical on a 3D file. For 3D PDF files created using HOOPS Publish, they are best viewed using Adobe PDF Reader as HOOPS Publish files are built to work on it.

About HOOPS Publish
HOOPS Publish enables engineering applications to publish data for almost any workflow including interoperability, archiving, visualisation and collaboration, work instructions, smart reports and technical data packages. With HOOPS Publish you can share your engineering data in three ways: PDF, HTML and standard CAD formats, all without the need to for proprietary CAD software. Go ahead, share your CAD data. Developers interested in exploring the capabilities of HOOPS Publish can request a free 60-day evaluation.
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