The next generation of BIM for Reinforced Concrete Design

Since the rise in interest in using BIM technology, GRAITEC has grown into a BIM and CAD software developer for the engineering, architectural and construction based industries. The BIM Designers series by GRAITEC is a series of applications integrated with Revit for valuable features. A recent update has seen an improvement to popular tools including the Steel Structure Designer and Railing and Stair Designer, but it is the new tool for concrete construction and steel connections that is exciting the industry.

Designed to be the first in a series of highly anticipated tools that will revolutionise how BIM data is used, the new reinforced concrete BIM Designers' tool is a rebar detailing and modelling application. The new development fits the company vision of information-driven industry automation, aiming to utilise BIM more frequently in order to automate intelligent downstream processes.

Product strategy director at GRAITEC, Carl Spalding explained that the reinforced concrete BIM designers' tool is a multi-platform wherein users will be able to access services at any stage of the design process in order to develop and make changes. Carl believes this will help to close the gap between technicians and structural engineers.

Users of the tool will be able to: use BIM data in rebar creations, work to several international standards and requirements, automate the design of 3D rebar cages, produce essential documents including schedules, reports and drawings and work either solely with the software on with GRAITEC OMD, Advance Design and Revit.

The tool is one of four applications housed within GRAITEC’s Advance BIM Designers. The combination of tools is developed to streamline BIM workflows as well as powering traditional design and modelling processes. They are also designed to increase productivity and decrease the time taken to produce highly detailed technical developments. Another new tool is the steel connection designer, which has just been added to the collection.

Source: The BIMhub
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