See the futuristic hard hat that incorporates BIM

As standards and work on construction sites continuously change, one piece of kit that has remained consistent for years is the hard hat.

While the hard hat has been improved over the years, making it safer, more durable and lighter, newer innovations have changed its design, such as the recent introduction of a transparent version by workwear company, Portwest.

Now it appears the hard hat is embracing BIM with the development of a new smart helmet by Los Angeles tech company, Daqri.

The hard hat is being tested by a number of construction companies including some in the UK.

With augmented/virtual reality becoming a more common theme in the construction industry, the new helmet is seeking to bridge the gap between the two sectors, protecting workers with a hard hat while enhancing what they see on site and allowing them to share and view various building elements, data and plans in real time.

The company says the helmet would be used by everyday workers on construction sites, working on pipe fittings, buildings and also industrial sites.

Source: BIM+

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