The definitive 10-step guide to adopting BIM

You have read about BIM, learnt about it, have seen benefits to adopting it, whether as an Architect, Civil Engineer, Facility Manager, MEP Engineer or in any other role, and you are convinced of the need for it and want to take the next step: actual BIMing.

What do you do?

This great article from Archdaily, in 10 steps, would guide you on what to do so that you BIM like a boss, beginning from understanding BIM even more, developing a plan, choosing your documentation processes and innovating and expanding with the help of BIM.

Highlights include changes that need to be made, such as changes in design procedure, mindset and hardware that needs to occur. Be warned, the changes required are not necessarily easy or cheap to make, but the payoff is immense.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Get to know BIM
  2. Get the Whole Team on Board
  3. Assume Software and Hardware Updates
  4. Develop a Plan
  5. Begin with a Pilot Project
  6. Document Preferred Processes
  7. Cultivate BIM Champions
  8. Gradually Transition Your Teams
  9. Integrate to Collaborate
  10. Innovate and Expand

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