The Orion 18 software has design for staircase. This, though, will have to be checked manually as it is a rough estimation, which may serve for most cases. However, Orion does not model does not model staircases.

To carry out this design,

Step 1 

Go to the menu toolbar. There, Click 'Run', then 'Stair Design'. Before you even start, the software gives this warning

The current design code gives no fixed guidance on stair design. An empirical design method is used which may be helpful for estimating purposes. Final reinforcement design should be checked in detail

Step 2

Next, we select the type of staircase we want to design. For this design, we will select the 'Simple Supported Stair with Landings Supported From Long Edge', seen at the top left corner of the 'Stair Design' dialog box.

Step 3

We input data for the staircase design as seen in the dialog box below, then click 'Calculate'

The design reinforcement detailing for the designed slab are as shown below

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